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March 24, 2005

24 March 2005, Thursday

am in melbourne now..


what an irony of it all.. despite being here and glad that i finally get to see al, yet, wish that i could just linger on this moment. hate the fact that day 10 will have to come sooner or later.

feels so much like home. feel like leaving behind everything and just stay like this forever. ahhh.. the infatuation stage..

March 21, 2005

Monday, 21 March 2005

monday blues..

nothing much happened. just that again, i wish i was studying another course.

hmmmmmmmm… bleh

March 19, 2005

if i aint got you..

woke up at 9am, got a note from Yasue about the cheesecake in the fridge. so sweet of her.. i feel all that sweetness inside.. just love getting surprise notes.. gonna keep that for remembrance sake.

went out to fairy meadow to get toothpaste at woolie’s and then bought some fruits n milk from the fruit market. actually bought tons 2 big bag of grapes! i’m already finishing 1 bag since this afternoon.

didnt manage to go to the gym today coz talking wid al. have to do some reading. shit. just hate reading stuffs that are hard to understand.

vestige – trace, evidence; slight amount, particle.

alone at the apartment. been alone here since morning. hmm..

March 18, 2005

cold cold day

cannot believe that i actually thought my classes were at 1030 this morning..

woke up 0844, looked at my mobile, no msgs. then just lied around until i just suddenly realize, its friday, and my lecture starts at 0830!!! got out d room, saw yasue, told her i was late, sempat mandi and siram air only.

had like a lil bit of coco pops and rushed off to uni. so hate to rush in d mornin. just spoils d day.

anyways, got to uni, 1/2 hr lecture, done. went back to apartment, and here i am online again.

actually slept at 0230 dis mornin. was chatting wid sis n mom on yahoo msgr. earlier last nite had a lil chat wid al. din end dat well. send him an sms n he nvr replied. guess he was jus so freakin pist at me. haih~ i dunno wat else to say.

yeah, so, friendster has dis blog shit now. but i think i’m gonna stick to this. i find that i sometimes rather have strangers hear my stories and have a judgement about it and i wouldnt give a damn rather than having ppl who knows me and make judgements on me.

March 17, 2005

windy day

woke up at 9, called allen and then did crunches.

1030-had breakfast, Yasue was home. Chit chatted over breakfast while she had her lunch. I enjoy talking to her. she’s got a whole different perspective and its nice to understand how different ppl think about different stuff. was talking about boyfriends and the “i love you” statement.

i havent said it to al yet. dun think i will say it this soon. Yasue said something that sounded really logical to me.

“You havent said it to him when he said it to you?? oh.. its not fair..”

“I think you should say it soon, because to say those words, it takes PASSION to say it.. over time when your relationship becomes steady, you wouldnt have reason to say it coz your passion has already come and gone..”

thats so true.. i’m a passion-driven person.. haih~

March 7, 2005

CSCI315, IACT302

my fuckin assignments..

so hate wat i’m studying right now.. i’m depressed.. i feel dumb.. what the fuck am i doing here????

cant wait to finish.. cant wait to end this torment.. but right now, i’m in the moment.. its unbearable…. aaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

why do i have to be stuck in this situation?????