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January 18, 2005

Bowling in the dark, KK’s, Salim.

“ok.. i’m gonna go..”

“oh you’re not goin anywhere till i get what i want..”

pulls my hand..

and……………………… and ………………….

January 3, 2005

Honeybabe 01/01/2005

woke up at 11am. had something to eat. and then allen sms-ed me.. great to receive sms-ses. 3pm head to lok yuk hall,likas. play basketball wid some veterans and shok mun n ah liaw. allen, julian n cassey(jul bro) came by and watched me play skijap.

dinner at home with mom, bro, intan, ashley. mom cooked the prawns n clams bro bought from tuaran. (btw, i think i’m alergic to clams. its giving me itches on my thighs now)

and then 1030pm, wuts came n pick me up n we go yam cha. darren n richard was in the car too. went to lintas al fresco, there was richard, darren, wuts, me, ah hau, vui mei n ah kai. first we were playing chor dai di until darren came up with the idea of playing mafia. it was fun though. and then wuts suggest playing the winking game. thats fun too..

played up till 3am. baru balik. on the way home, i suddenly popped the question to wuts,”wat would u say, if 1 day i tell u that i found someone? can u accept it?”
“oh, so now u wanna talk?” he said.

he came up with lots of alasan n in the end he said he would try to accept it though he doesnt have many choice, i wasnt his anymore anyways. but i have made an impact in his life, and i was the one woman that he would really like for a wife, a lifetime partner.

he left for kl in the morning. well, we are now totally clear of our position..