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December 30, 2004

Old frens n shens

1200 – met up with an chang for lunch.

1245 – downtown to OCBC bank. wasnt able to do anything anyways in the end. decided to find some other old friends for yam cha or something. everyone was either working or .. just working. amie asked me out for clubbing.1400 – went to karamunsing coz i needed to go to the toilet badly. managed to call up leung vui fung and it seems that she is still with ezekiel. good for her. i think they make a fine couple. while looking for parking, i almost crashed on to vincent’s car. didnt realise it was him though. only after we looked to each other.

1500 – picked up dolly ho mei ling from her hse at tmn. soon kiong and went to “good to come” and had my lunch there.

1630 – went home.

2100 – went to wuts place and got him to drive me to shens. meet up with amie and wuts left n took my car with him. shens was pretty bare at that time (2200) but it was ladies nite so the crowd started pouring in. didnt enjoy it as i expected to. didnt get to go to the dancefloor to dance. i saw Peng there. cant believe he saw me. shit. anyways, daphne was there too. saw ronald n walter. got quite drunk with bacardi with coke. soon after shiko n carol joined. along with alan too.

0100 – party’s over. lights were on bright. left shens n head to salim. amie puked. enjoyed the guys small chats. there was almonzo, alan, ben and lan. amie stayed in the car.

0320 – picked up my car at wut’s n head home.

December 22, 2004

Oprah’s favourite advice

“When people show you who they are the first time, believe them.”

December 22, 2004


i was awaken by the sound of my brother’s knocking on my door. i opened the door, and he told me that the contractors needed to change my room door that day.

so i went downstairs, watched tv, and pretty much watch tv the whole day. watched “the incredibles” on dvd. its oklaah.. i wouldnt say it was damn good coz actually there was a lot of talking involved.

anyways, din even shower or brush my teeth this morning coz of the work done to my room door. 1800 after watching the phillipino drama, took my bath and then prepared to go out shopping wif my sis in law.

dropped bro in church and i drove me n intan to wawasan plaza. there was traffic jam at 1900!! dunno why.. maybe coz of the rain.. anyways, had a colonel burger n cheesy wedges for dinner and then did some grocery shopping, head home. and thats the end of my 1 day.

December 16, 2004

For Love or Money 4

just finished watching the show on astro. wowzes.. i thought rachel was gonna go for the money.. oh well, damn stupid of her.. but i guess.. i mean, caleb chose her too. so i think she din wanna be the mean person u know.. well, if i was rachel, i would definately choose the money. not that i’m just being plain materialistic, but its the nature or the surrounding of how the love is built upon! like, hello??? its a game!! so i went searching through googles for the news and yupp, they din end up together. not even for more than a month! sheesh… wat a waste of a million dollars!!!! like caleb said, she had a guarantee 1 million and she was willing to give that up! i think she’s just dumb. not passionate, but plain dumb.

December 3, 2004

Nanams n Tiger

nanams n tiger, both names of my pet cat that i have now.. tiger has been with the family for over 7 yrs. 7 human years that is.. nanams is new, just last a year or so. i used to really pamper tiger but now, he tends to bite out of the blue! so i hate that..
anyways, i’m bored again.. and i feel kinda lonely.. i guess i myself should be blamed coz i din really went all out to look for friends around. i think about transport.. the fact that i stay quite far away from town.. i just get lazy thinking about having to drive out.. specially at nite.. and then of course, i only feel like talking to amie. yet, nowadays, she thinks that i’m not one of her anymore.. i’m the goody stay at home girl. which i can be, but yet i need to go out some time!!!
i cant help feeling jealous that she spends so much time with her colleague Shiko rather than me. Well, best frens or not, if u dont have a common topic, the relationship just tends to stray.. i’m feeling sad.. i hate to be like a little girl jealous of her fren thats being so close to another. but i cant deny it! i do feel that way! sheesh.. again.