Mr. and Mrs. Jefson Mojiliu


1030 – wedding bells for cousin Tara at the sacred heart cathedral, kk. (next to the tze yu kidnergarden). they were pretty early. when we(bro, ints, ash, pam) got there, they were already prepared to march into the church!

anyways, we didnt miss the march though. Tara looked pretty with thick makeup lagi. when we’re in the church, koko called mum n she was still in the salon! so she n nenek missed the march, so did che2 n toms n girls. bro said the wedding ceremony was short n sweet. i thought it was ok..

so anyways, the thing that spoiled it was probably the photographer! can u imagine? ” (to the whole congregation) everyone go on stage!” for a picture??? i mean, at least be a little organized! bride’s family first, then groom’s family or watever! n then friends kah.. sheesh.. spoil butul!

then proceed to hi-tea at the shangrila hotel. small little room but so many ppl!! i din really enjoy the food… tooth again.. then afternoon went to salon with bro, ints, che2s, and girls.. wash, cut, set hairs.

then it rained cats n dogs around 4pm! wedding dinner 1830, we(bro, ints, ash, papam) were quite early. the actual dinner started only at 8pm!! man.. imagine these ppl.. very poor at keeping up with time.. so anyways, dinner so-so, couldnt eat properly… danced the sumazau with cousin terence.. all in all was ok.. all the long-time-no-see cousin mousin all around.. didnt really recognize some.. wow.. relatives.. the whole world could probably be related to one another just through marriage!

p/s: saw nicolita (colleague at bodyshop) at the wedding, almost thought i was related to her, then talked to her n found out that she was calum(cousin’s other side cousin)’s girlfren konon.. wat a small world!

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