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November 28, 2004

Mr. and Mrs. Jefson Mojiliu


1030 – wedding bells for cousin Tara at the sacred heart cathedral, kk. (next to the tze yu kidnergarden). they were pretty early. when we(bro, ints, ash, pam) got there, they were already prepared to march into the church!

anyways, we didnt miss the march though. Tara looked pretty with thick makeup lagi. when we’re in the church, koko called mum n she was still in the salon! so she n nenek missed the march, so did che2 n toms n girls. bro said the wedding ceremony was short n sweet. i thought it was ok..

so anyways, the thing that spoiled it was probably the photographer! can u imagine? ” (to the whole congregation) everyone go on stage!” for a picture??? i mean, at least be a little organized! bride’s family first, then groom’s family or watever! n then friends kah.. sheesh.. spoil butul!

then proceed to hi-tea at the shangrila hotel. small little room but so many ppl!! i din really enjoy the food… tooth again.. then afternoon went to salon with bro, ints, che2s, and girls.. wash, cut, set hairs.

then it rained cats n dogs around 4pm! wedding dinner 1830, we(bro, ints, ash, papam) were quite early. the actual dinner started only at 8pm!! man.. imagine these ppl.. very poor at keeping up with time.. so anyways, dinner so-so, couldnt eat properly… danced the sumazau with cousin terence.. all in all was ok.. all the long-time-no-see cousin mousin all around.. didnt really recognize some.. wow.. relatives.. the whole world could probably be related to one another just through marriage!

p/s: saw nicolita (colleague at bodyshop) at the wedding, almost thought i was related to her, then talked to her n found out that she was calum(cousin’s other side cousin)’s girlfren konon.. wat a small world!
November 26, 2004

Ouch… Ouuuuu…

Wednesday, i had a dental surgery to remove my wisdom tooth. i woke up early as my appointment was at 9am. and i was actually disappointed with the service of that clinic as the doc’s priority wasnt even his patients. sheesh.

anyways, i thought i just wanted to consult the doc n ask him of the options dat i could do with my tooth but then he seemed to b doing the consultation in a rushy manner and he was like, “what can i do for u?”, “does it bother u?”, “ok, i’ll have to take an xray”, “yup, i will have to remove it(nodding)”.

 i was quite surprised that he said he could actually have the surgery right then, well, he said he was gonna go on leave so i thought what the heck, just do it n get it over with! d doc did mention about having swollen face for about 3-5days.


i was actually afraid as i havent seen a dentist for years! and to think of a surgery?? the process was ok, i was numb anyways, (my bro just showed me half of his broken tooth while i was typing this!), so then i got home to my sis’s n the pain started filling in, and i was like, ohhh gooossshhh.. this hurts so bad.. i pitied myself and started to cry coz of the pain! when will this torture end??? well, 3-5 days of course.
November 19, 2004

Happy bday to me..

its past 12am, its my bday, i’m not that excited about it anymore.. i used to be.. excited when it comes to my bday.. but not anymore.. i guess it comes with the becoming old thing.

anyways, my bestest fren, which i expected to b the first to sms me at 12sharp, did not sms me. she sms-ed me 24 minutes later. am i being paranoid? i think so. Moi was d first to sms me.. though the first to verbally wish me, would probably be.. ronald? or was he d second?

oh well.. i thought i wanted to go out for a drink or something wid my best fren but it didnt seem to happen. i dont wan to b d one to call her coz … hmm.. coz i want her to call me!

arrogant huh.. well.. its my special month.. my special day.. sheesh… so much for my bday.. i mean, of course i’m also thankful for those that wished me but hey, those closer to me should even more be the one i expect wishes from?? paranoid person talking here!!!!

November 16, 2004

damn bored

well, here i am, back in kk… well, didnt really expect myself to feel this way but unfortunately i do. i’m bored. plain bored.

i know, i need to be spending time with my family and yes, i have done that. but sometimes i kinda feel out of place. i dont know why i feel that way, but it just does. and i guess i kinda feel sad dat my best fren doesnt seem excited to see me as much as i am to see her dis time round.

it started when i just landed kk, i expected her to come to d airport which she did, and yet just bcoz she saw my family around she took off.. i know, my family probably looks at her at a different angle now but hey, she has known them for years! i mean, i felt really bad about it. i dont know, probably i’m just too sensitive but i think there’s a kind of distance between us now..

i really dont know.. and i’m fuckin’ bored.. sad.. bored.. sheesh.. i wish i had my own space.. its complicated.. i feel more freedom n space back in kl.. yet, back in hometown, i feel like i’m trapped, limited.. limited more like it.. i’m grateful that my bro n sis prepared a room for me to stay in but it just doesnt feel right. its a room.. but it doesnt gives me a roomy feeling.. now i just have to accept the fact. so i just feel like someone who stays in a hotel. u know, its d feeling u know u will leave d hotel room sooner or later.. its not your personal room..

November 13, 2004

hurry hurry


today, i had plans.. ‘we’ had plans actually.. debbie, kel and pam had planned since last nite, we were going to go for ice skating today! went for ice skating at sunway pyramid and it was ok i guess.. it was my first time, and kel’s too. i played rollerblades b4, so i take it like rollerbs. and debb was amazed at how well i can skate as a 1st timer!

i wobbled a lot when i almost felt like i was gonna fall. haha, well, seems like kel was more afraid of fallling! it was good time. we started at 11am and then finish off at 12 cuz both kel n debb’s feet hurt tho’ mine was still not too bad.

anyways, on 2 2days’ schedule. had pizza for lunch d 3 of us. n then debb n kel went on their own ways for classes. Pam had to go to klcc 2 get d marie france stuff for ams. so went ther by train n got shocked 2 find that it wasnt as little as expected.

after sorting out d stuffs, i had 2 carry d heavy load all d way 2 train station n back 2 sunway. my next plan was 2 go to tmn. tun. so took a cab eventho’ started raining. took d pics from newlook studios, pouring rain.. took bus to uptown, meet guy name Zhao Zhe. very helpful. even offered to wait for next bus wid me.. how sweet~ so dats how it is in life. you bump into ppl for 30 minutes for d entire of ur lifetime.. isnt that just mind boggling?? i intro-ed myself as ‘pauline’.

November 9, 2004

weared out…

i’m poofed.. as i always say.. i just got back from mlcca this afternoon round 3.30pm. traffic jam again. kl. neways, despite having to carry a 29″ luggage bag, i managed to get me and the bag from plaza rakyat station to masjid jamek. and then from masjid jamek transit to putra line. and head all the way to kelana jaya.

wowzes.. so i got to kelana jaya and my final step to home sweet home, is a cab. and that wan pun, i had to pay extra 2 bucks (and i gave anohter 1 buck extra to make it a total of 10 bucks) for the cab fee. at least he was willing to send me to pjs 9. everybody else wouldnt wanna coz of the crazy traffic there. so i got home. finally. about mlcca? it was really a rush. i hate rushes. will write about it maybe tomorrow?

November 6, 2004



yesterday i formated my c: drive, all by myself(technically). i kept calling diong for back up over the phone. but finally, i did it!

never tried it before and now i did it. i know its not a big deal, but if u’re handling my laptop you’ll know its not as easy as it seems. lots of procedure coz i cant install my winxp os with cd so i have to do manual installation. sounds so high tech huh?

anyways, my ex-b’s bday yesterday. i was reminded of it but only sms-ed him after 12 of yesterday so i was slightly late. just wished him happy bday n all the best. din expect any reply though. i sent to 2 hp no.s coz i din know wher are his wherabouts. and wow, surprisingly, he replyed. and his in kl too, and will b back in kk too. how sweet..

November 4, 2004


played this pc game called Sacred. its kinda similar to diablo just that its less scarier for me. and i think its less difficult too. i like the sort function wid d inventory. i played the vampire character. quite the powerful one i would say. some of my favourite powers would be the mind control power. was playing the game all night from say 9pm up to the next morning 530am? i only slept at 7am.
November 4, 2004

The Chipmunk Adventure (1987)


i keep looking for this chipmunk movie that me and amie used to watch during our younger days.. we could even memorize the script word by word! the songs are great n d thing i really like about the chipmunk cartoon is how cute they look! so i told myself, for nostalgic rememberance sake, i needed to get a hold of that movie.

and so yesterday i got my fren to help me call all the branches of video ezy to check whether they have the stock for the vcd and miraculously, we got 1 last stock at berjaya times square!

short in cash and pouring rain, i was determined to get that vcd immediately!

and so i got on a cab, 3pm and reached there 415pm after enduring bumper2bumper jam in kl as u guys would know, and i finally got hold of it! i got d salesperson (zachary was his name) to test it out, it wasnt as clear as normal vcd, i assumed its coz its copied from vhs.

and thats it, was there just to get the vcd n then no other shopping n i just left times square n headed home. i tend to do that a lot. there was once i went down all the way to klcc from bukit jalil and then back again just to get a freebie from bodyshop that i wanted to test on!

November 1, 2004

its sweet

it was my last day at video ezy yesterday. i was so excited about leaving though. when i got to work in the morning, suresh (my supervisor) was telling me that jumie (asst. supervisor) sms-ed him last night and said she was gonna miss the part timers, especially pam(me!). wow, i thought, i didnt know that i has such an impact on her. the other surprising thing was, when she came in the afternoon shift, she brought a small farewell gift for me!! maaannn… it seemed soooo sweeeeeett.. it was really a special feeling which i havent felt quite sometime! she gave me a scented candle which had my name on the outer side and the meaning of my name, pamela = from the greek meaning ‘all sweetness’…