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July 18, 2001

Brow Pierced. #backdated #blastfromthepast #throwbacktuesday


I was challenged by my college mate, Anthony, to get my brow pierced while we were chilling out in a mall. He said he would pay for it if I dared get it done. And since we just started to get to know each other, he had no clue I was a wild child and already had in mind to get a brow ring years ago. And poof! RM 50 I didn’t have to pay for! Just can’t blame me for wanting to get a selfie¬†with the new brow ring.

And I am pretty sure this was one highlight in my life I couldn’t let it pass¬†without having it documented. And true enough, I wrote the event at the back of the photo! Old school style!


18th July 2001
Jln. Kasah room.
– Just had my brow pierced.