August 13, 2016

End of midterms celebration. #classmates

Midterms are over!!! And yea I know, its not like the FINALS are over but hey, we can celebrate in the little things right?

Because I promised my Korean classmate Hyeji, that I would go out and have a drink with her after exams, we ended up here at Bannsang Korean Cafe down at High Street. Arun and Nissan also tagged along for lunch and some drinks just to hang out and chill after a stressful week of studying and exams.

I ordered what I know best, which was the Bibimbop cos I know they serve eggs with it. I never say no to eggs. But then Hyeji let us try her dish which was called the Yuk gae jaang. It was a beef broth that also had eggs in it, it was so yummy. I have to go back there next time and order that instead.

Of course, the main reason why Hyeji wanted us to come to this place was so that we could taste Korean Soju. I think it was some type of Soju but it was a flavored Soju, Blueberry that is. It was kind of like Vodka for me. But hey, at 13.5% alcohol, yupp thats something alright. Hyeji really wanted to see me drunk but it wasn’t the time of the day to do so though.

I liked our little bunch of different nationalities: Korean, Malaysian, Indian and Sri Lankan. It’s how I would imagine a world should be. Not just all the Chinese hanging around themselves, or a bunch of Indians with themselves. I always find myself hanging around people who are from a different culture than I am. We talked about everything, from food, to classmates who are annoying, to movies, and pets, and even talked about how Hyeji should get a boyfriend and I should get married. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, we had two bottles of about 345ml of that Soju shared among four of us which was not a lot of alcohol yet. So Hyeji suggested we continue the little party down at a bar called Occidental. It was my first time here, but she has definitely been here a couple of times, especially for the mussels. She also suggested we try the Cherry Beer. I told her to just get me whatever is sweet.

Of course, how could we drink without having some snacks to go with all that booze? So we had a side dish of wedges with sour cream and continued our chit chat for about an hour or so after which we all agreed it was time to head home around 3:15pm.

This was really our first time eating out together and it was good that we get to do it once in a while because we see each other week after week in classes but we never really get to hang out outside of “serious” class mode.

Thanks for the lovely session guys, you guys rock!

August 11, 2016

More spending. #urgh

Cotton on sports bra, $35  for two. What a deal right? I don’t know whats worse. Retail therapy? Or stress eating. Urgh.

I have not been watching my weight and health in general these days. Its all just work work work work work~ and not the booty shaking, all out sweat kind of “work” but the kind that makes your eye sight worse and your bum stuck to a chair all day.

I really have no excuse for this. I find that it was mostly because I feel obliged to do overtime and get work done because I am paid to do it, rather than back in the day when I was just volunteering, I could leave work on time and not feel bad for it because I don’t get paid for it anyway.

So here I am stuck with my fat overweight body and no time to do any other sports activity. I am definitely making up excuses here. So why bother getting the sports bra you say? Well, I only got it to wear at home comfortably. I didn’t even bother to try it out when I got to the store. Just picked the largest size around, (was looking for XL by the way) and “Large” was the only one left.

Off I went and spent 35 bucks for the two sports bra and an extra 2 bucks for a tote bag that I got which was suppose to be a donation. I don’t know how true that is, but if they are trying to get more sales by telling customers that its for a good cause, thats a pretty tricky strategy.

July 31, 2016

Impulse Buying got to me.

Got myself the iPhone 6 Plus today. I know I know, I just got my Note 5 months ago so why did I buy myself another phone?? Let me get to the beginning of the story…

I woke up yesterday to a phone that had completely ran out of juice. It died on me. I thought having 30% battery from the night before would last overnight until it would wake me up with an alarm but I was wrong.


So I got up, charged my phone as usual and went on to get ready for class. After the whole time of showering and changing, I didn’t realise my phone was not charging! It just didn’t want to charge! I was already late for class so I figured it could be a temporary glitch and went on to class.

After arriving at class, I tried to charge the phone again, and once more, it was not working! It kept showing me 0% and a green blinking light was indicated near the charging port. I reckon it was something wrong with the hardware. So I just had to try and use other power banks to charge it but it still didn’t work.

It was so frustrating. In this day and age, not having a smartphone just feels like I am incomplete. Like I am missing something. I needed to have a way to be connected to the world and the world to me. It seems so strange. Back when I was a 14 years-old student, hanging around school after classes ended, I didn’t even needed a phone to have my mom know where to find me. I would call from a pay phone and dial her office, tell her to come at what time and where, and just BE THERE as agreed.

Aaaaanyway, being the impatient person that I am, I knew that if I took the phone back to where I bought it for a warranty claim, it would take days. So I was determined, that I was gonna solve my problem the easiest way I knew how.

Just buy a new phone.

And amazingly, Saj managed to convince me to not buy a new phone but to take it to the warranty shop just to be sure. I hesitantly obliged.

When we got to the shop, the sales guy managed to get my phone to start up and started charging again! He said that it could be just the charger that we needed to replace, especially when the phone is completely out of juice, we would need a charger thats on a FAST charger that powers up the phone at at least 10Aamp.

So at that point, I didn’t really needed to get a new phone. So I went on to the next half day of my class feeling quite satisfied that I didn’t need to get a new phone although I had already gotten quite excited about having an excuse to buy a new phone, an iPhone in fact.

Then right in the middle of the class, Saj texted me and told me HE got a new iPhone! The iPhone 6 Plus 128GB which was selling for only $1,099! I got so excited that I wanted to get it too! I mean, it was after all, 128GB!!! Compared to my mere 32GB on my Samsung Note. And all the while in my mind, I thought it was the iPhone 6S that he was talking about. I even went to Vodafone right away after class, only to find that the shop had already closed at 4pm. Disappointed but I told myself, I would get it the next day after church.

I didn’t realise it until I bought the phone today at the shop that it was iPhone 6 Plus and not 6S Plus all along. And mind you, even with the new iPhone 7 coming up in the next few months, iPhone 6S Plus was still selling for up to 1.8K for the 128GB !

So I bought the phone anyway since it was still worth it with 128GB and I did needed another spare phone to use in case of emergencies. I wasn’t sure if my Note 5 was gonna fail on me. But I am quite happy with the Note 5 so far. If Note 6 comes along, I may even consider upgrading!


July 11, 2016

Halfway through. #license #restricted

Second step in making NZ more like home. An NZ driver’s license!

Although it does seems to take forever to get my license converted. I even have to take the practical test again. But for now, am just glad I got one foot in the door. Will worry about practical test down the road.

July 3, 2016

OINTB season 4 finale. #pousseydeservedbetter


Like really. Seriously. Why you had to goin do dat Jenji???

Poussey is one of the most lovable character in the show and they just had to let her go?? Uurrggghhhhh

Cried the balls out of this episode and I just had to read more about the creator’s decision to go to this dramatic route.

And I get the intention of social issues and addressing them subtlely but hey, come on, there is people out there who wants to watch TV for the entertainment’s sake and escape reality. Can’t we just stick to that?


Since the end of season 3, I couldn’t wait to see how Poussey and Soso’s relationship would blossom and it was awesome that they did fulfilled the many ointb fans dreams and gave them a love story that it deserved. But just when you thought this could last a little longer until one of them is released from prison, it doesn’t happen. Urgh.


I totally agree with Poussey. Blasian is beautiful! And these two were the only characters in the show that lifted all the racial tension.

Sorry for the spoiler to those who haven’t watch the show. But I was really grieving and mourning for the character. I was glad they didn’t manage to taint her reputation when the MCC PR people tried to put the blame on her. But still, now I can’t seem to see any other fun character to watch on this show anymore. Kind of how I felt with how Daya’s former CO boyfriend just left the show without any explanation.

I am curious however, on whats gonna happen in the next season. Seems like Litchfield prison is gonna be worse and looks like a downhill spiral from here.

May 31, 2016

Kaamatan season family online-Catch up


Weeeeeee!!! Thank You Lord for technology!!! Screenshot photo of myself in a videocall with the Wong fam-bam.


Had a great time chit chatting with the littlest one. Now that she was more “chatty”. Although she did at one point said “is anyone else gonna chat with Yiyi? Cos it seems like I am the only one chatting with her the longest!” LOL.. haaaiihh.. kids.. I remember being her age and dreading to talk to older people in the family. Oh those innocent young minds..


It’s Kaamatan festival back home today, which means, PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! So it was good timing to call them up without missing anyone and any inconvenience of the 4-hour time difference we had in between us.


Not sure why the video settings this time is so messed up. While I go portrait and they go landscape, my video can’t rotate accordingly.

We were at it for almost 2 hours I believe! It’s lovely to have these technology to help bridge the gap and distance. Of course, it still doesn’t beat being in the midst of their presence physically. Aaaanndd.. the icing on the cake? I just might be able to go back for the holidays end of this year with sponsorship! Wooohoooo!! No guarantees yet, but am sure gonna pray very hard for that favor and provision. Yay!!

May 27, 2016

Meetup Movie Night: Gandhi (1982)


So my ladyboss invited me to this Movie Meetup thingy. Initially when she mentioned the movie they were showing tonight would be “Gandhi”, I wasn’t really that interested. And I also thought this meetup group was suppose to only show “Christian” movies. But anyway, I already said “No” to her a few days ago when she first mentioned it. And today again she insisted that we go because a lot of people were raving about how good the movie was and she counter attacked my excuse saying “10 people RSVP-ed”!

So ok, fine. Let’s do this. And it helped that she also invited the HR manager, WL, to come with Saj and I. So it’s not just the 3 chipmunks again, but at least she managed to drag someone new with us.

We got to the location in WL’s car, and she drives a big Audi! Woaaahhh… talk about the impression of a person by the type of car they own. Did not see that coming from her but hey, I probably would do the same if I don’t have anything else to hold me down right?

So we got to the place just in time, about 7-ish, and I was surprised to see that this time the turn out was pretty good! The last time I was here watching the Cantonese Christian Movie, it was just 4 of us who turned up. This time around we were probably the only Asians around, while the others are Kiwis and it was nice to see others coming to show interest on the movie as well.


The movie was long! It was a 3 hour movie and the DVD the host played even had an intermission to let audiences take a break and stretch or go to the loo! I was definitely hooked and focused on the movie and what a way to learn about the history of India’s independence while being entertained.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I learned so much about Indian history that I never knew about. And most of all, learned about this Indian hero, Mr Gandhi who I have heard so much about his quotes and what an icon and legend he has been. It was sad to find out that he was actually assassinated by his own people, and not to mention he was already 78 when he was killed! Tsk.. our evil human nature…

After movie, we just hang around briefly and talked to some of the others that were at the Meetup, and I mostly just remember a lady named Tina. She was nice and friendly to us, willing to talk and be sociable unlike some of the other men in the room. I was also glad we came in WL’s car cos then we had to leave early as well because it was already 10:30pm by the time we left and we were the first ones to leave!

And only after we left did I realize that it was such a memorable movie night that because of all that excitement, I forgot to take a groufie! Urrgghhh.. so frustrating when I forget to make those memories in material form. Hopefully I can get a photo from the host who took some candid shots of the group before the movie started.


Wonderful movie indeed and highly recommended if you like history and biographical movies. I didn’t particularly liked history, but this was part of world history and it was interesting to see a man so passionate about non violence and I believe in this world, we need more people like Gandhi who values and understands that violence, hatred and revenge will get us nowhere. It’s just a destructive cycle that doesn’t end.

This was my favorite quote from the movie and Mr Gandhi himself,

An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

Humanity in this day desperately needs an eye opener…😦

May 25, 2016

New Printer in da House!


The HP DeskJet 3630 for home use. Printer, Scanner, Copier all in one, for $49.99.


Initially i thought the printer was sold for $39.99 which was the price I saw online just two days ago. And today the salesman told me the offer just expired yesterday. Prrffff…


Oh well, selfie with the new gadget!




May 15, 2016

Jumpa lagi naaaanti Nek! #grandma


Grandma left today. I mean, she was in the hospital for more than a week now, and the doctors did tell us she might not survive this time. So I was a bit prepared for that. But grandma has always been strong and persistent, never giving up and was really stubborn actually. But this time it was for real.

After coming home from Sunday lunch out, got a text from mom that nenek was no longer responsive and I got really worried. Quickly made a video to say Hi to her hoping she would see it and maybe wake up, but it was too late. I called last week and spoke to grandma but only managed to get some groans here and there, it wasn’t much of a conversation. I just wished I had thought about doing the video earlier. Stupid me.

To be honest, growing up, I have had a share of love hate relationship with grandma. She’s not the affectionate type and has always been more of a “tough love” type. I remember as a child, tagging along with her to her office cleaning job whenever it was school holiday season cos no one could take care of me at home while mom was out to work. I really appreciated those moments where she would take me to the wet market downtown during lunch time after she had finished work and we would eat at the food court there. As we passed along those wet market stalls, I’d always try to get grandma to buy me those little chocolate snacks with toys in them. Oh how I remember those days..

I also remember how she loved making fish nets and she hand made them by herself! I now wished I had took some interest in learning them since there’s never gonna be anyone in the family who would continue that skill anymore. She was also skillful in making beaded bracelets and sewing. She always helped me hemmed my pants that were too long or fixed whatever clothes I needed fixing. That woman even made all her clothes by herself! She’s the inspiration for me to take up sewing someday. But most of all, I remember how she always made use of extra cloth and sewed blankets from those left over fabric. Never wanting to waste anything.


The two person I hold so dearly in my heart in this photo, have both left..😦

Terry was always grandma’s favorite, but it was ok cos I was just a kid and it didn’t really bothered me that much when I didn’t even realize there was favoritism going on right? But anyway, I sure miss them both..


I really wish I could be with my family at this time, sucks that the timing was just not on my side as I have exams this week, and immigration is very strict with classroom attendance.

As a friend of mine said to me, it’s not a wrong or bad timing, its just God’s timing.

It sure is.

I’m just relieved that in my heart I know she has accepted Jesus Christ as her savior and we get to see each other again someday.🙂

May 3, 2016

Yoplait Vigueur. #packaging #deception


Chocolate mud cake. Tsk. This is what happens when pictures deceives our eyes and speaks louder than the words written on them.

I should’ve known. What else would you expect from a yoghurt packaging right? The pictures showing an actual sponge moist chocolate cake got to me I tell ya! Urghhh.. spent freakin $6.49 on that 6 pack tub.

Don’t be deceived people. These marketing strategies are out to get you, you chocolate cake fanatics! Beware I say, bewaaaaaare!!!